Hi, I'm Tanai.

I love creating short-form videos, writing and traveling. My passion for media and food has taken me from creating the College Emmy award winning series OutinTheVille, to coordinating in-house videos at Littlethings.com, to building a community project that provides teens from low-income neighborhoods cooking lessons from chefs in NYC.   

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and then lived in Miami from age 10 until I went off to study TV & Radio Production at the University of Florida. (Go Gators!) This is where I founded the online series OutinTheVille about the awesome restaurants in the city of Gainesville. 20+ episodes later, OutinTheVille won the College Emmy Award for the 3rd best Unscripted Series among hundreds of applicants nationwide! 


I left the Sunshine State and moved to New York where I continued to pursue a career in food content production at LittleThings.com, which is the 2nd highest engaged site on FB. In less than a year, I coordinated the production and creative direction of 350+ food and DIY editorial and branded videos. My job wasn’t only to write, plan, and execute the 10-15 videos per week, but I was also the talent cooking on camera (my hands are famous!)

Currently, I’m working on Young Chef’s Kitchen, a project I created that partners with nonprofit organizations in NY to give teens from low-income communities the opportunity to participate in cooking lessons taught by chefs in NYC at their own restaurants.


Video Producer – Photographer — Writer


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